Team of the Year

Team of the Year recognises outstanding examples of team work demonstrated by students at schools from the engage in their future network of member schools. The team may be composed of any number of students and may have achieved a specific task or short-term goal, or they may have faced an ongoing challenge over a longer period of time. But clear and consistent team work is essential.

When a submitting a nomination in this category, you may wish to consider the following –

The winning Team of the Year will have demonstrated, above all others, outstanding cohesion and team work to achieve a specific task or in participation of a specific event. There will be clear examples of the team working together to overcome obstacles, meet challenges and achieve goals. The team may consist of any number of students and may consistently have had the same members, or its membership may have changed over time. The team may have worked together for a few days, a term or longer. But the Team of the Year will have worked cohesively, supported each other and demonstrated consistent positive team spirit and unity.

Full details about the 2019 engage in their future National Awards are now available and nominations can be submitted until Thursday 18th April 2019.