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Document Summary Service

engage in their future maintains an annual subscription to the University of Bristol’s Document Summary Service. The monthly reports are available to member schools via their Regional Representative.


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engage in their future member schools are currently eligible to receive their permanent recruitment service at a discounted 12.5% fee, only payable if they appoint someone that we find for them. Click here for further details.


The School Bus

engage in their future member schools are eligible to receive a 10% discount on The School Bus who offer authentic solutions to the problems facing school leaders. Their current, compliant and comprehensive articles, templates and model policies provide actionable advice alongside carefully crafted and compliant model documents.

Their two guidance documents for November are:

In July 2017, the DfE updated their guidance on bullying in schools and academies – ‘Preventing and tackling bullying’ 2017.

Keeping bullying high on the agenda of schools is important as it can sometimes become a serious problem for children – jeopardising their education and, more importantly, their welfare. Studies have regularly shown bullying can have a significant impact on children and young peoples’ social development and confidence – issues which often continue into adulthood.

Our Preventing and Tackling Bullying – 3 Minute Read contains important information that governing boards, headteachers and staff members need to know to enable them to prevent and respond to bullying as part of their overall behaviour policy, which is accountable to Ofsted.

Furthermore, our Bullying Report Form can be used to report and record incidents of bullying in your schools. Using this template ensures that all essential information is captured, enabling a comprehensive and uniform approach to reporting.