Antonio Munoz-Bailey



Antonio Munoz Bailey (Oct 2016)b_w

Antonio has worked with and around looked after children and SEMH for 20+ years as a residential care worker and as a teacher within both primary and secondary SEN sectors and has worked in senior leadership roles for the past 10 years. His professional practice and commitment to vulnerable young people have led to him developing skills is specialist areas such as ASC and executive function disorders and associated SEND. In 2008 he completed a law degree to ensure a solid understanding of the Youth Justice structure to support young people with offending cycles. He is committed to supporting holistic and nurturing models of education and to creating and maintaining both local and national networks to help support schools and services who deal with SEMH issues come together and share good ideas, practical support and advice in order to ensure that the best possible outcomes are achieved for all young people.


Antonio took on the position of Regional Representative for the North West in July 2010 and was elected to Treasurer of the National Committee in 2012. He replaced Jon Lees as Chair of engage in their future in September 2015.