Innovation and Creativity

The Innovation and Creativity category celebrates the incredible originality, resourcefulness and enterprising nature of students from the network of member schools. From arts and crafts to technology, this category welcomes nominations for students that have developed innovative ideas from concept to implementation, and those that have expressed creativity and self-expression in a unique way.

This category is open to nominations for individuals, teams and schools.

When a submitting a nomination in this category, you may wish to consider the following –

The winner of this category will have demonstrated, above all others, genuine and measurable innovation and creativity. This award can be given to an individual, a team or a school. For teams and schools, they may consist of any number of students, have worked together over any period of time, and have been comprised of the same members or its membership may have changed over time. There will be clear examples provided of the nature and impact of this innovation and creativity and evidence will be provided regarding the unique nature of the project or work undertaken.

Full details about the 2019 engage in their future National Awards are now available and nominations can be submitted until Thursday 18th April 2019.