Grant Request Scheme

The engage in their future Grant Request scheme provides member schools with the opportunity to apply for funds to support local and regional events and initiatives that benefit the engage in their future community.


With a straightforward application process, member schools are able to request funds that will either fully cover, or contribute towards, a specific event or initiative that they are organising. It could be anything from booking a conveniently located meeting room for a regional peer networking event, to covering costs for a student inter-school challenge, to paying for a pitch at an event to raise awareness of engage in their future.


It doesn’t have to be under the engage in their future banner and it doesn’t have to be the sole source of funding, but it must directly benefit or support the organisation and its members in a clear and accountable way.


So whether you have already started to plan an event and are looking for funding to deliver it, or just have an idea that will support your fellow engage in their future members, contact your Regional Representative in the first instance (details below). They will be able to guide you through the application process, explain what information is required and answer any questions that you may have.


We also recommend that you read the Terms and Conditions as this document provides an outline of what will happen at each stage of the process.


When you’ve spoken with your Regional Representative, gathered all the necessary information and are ready to submit your application, simply complete the Grant Request Form and email it to us at


The Grant Request Scheme is a great way to access centrally held funds to support engage in their future members and their school communities, as well as the organisation itself, through events and initiatives that are the conceived, organised and delivered at a local and regional level.  So why not use them to connect with other member schools in your area, help improve outcomes through student focussed initiatives, and engage with the broader membership and leadership of the organisation.