Good Citizen Award

The Good Citizen Award is a new category in the 2016 National Awards, but has its foundations in the Contribution to the Community award. Being involved in, and contributing to, the community (be it local or on a wider scale) is just one element of what makes a good citizen, and this category has now been expanded to take into account those other elements.

When a submitting a nomination in this category, you may wish to consider the following –

The winner of this category will have consistently demonstrated, above all others, some or all of the behaviours and attitude of a good citizen. This may include: respecting others and their property; being helpful and considerate of others; a willingness to learn and work hard; striving to always be well-mannered and pleasant; and being actively involved in, and contributing to, their community. Clear examples should be provided of these behaviours, as well as evidence of their impact on others. 

Full details about the 2016 engage in their future National Awards are now available and nominations can be submitted until Friday 22nd April 2016.