A nationally recognised association representing all SEMH schools with a reliable and stable income.

We are the heart and minds of SEMH school leaders, delivering a ‘Centre of Excellence’ that provides the knowledge and experience that leaders require and can call upon at any time.

We are the voice of SEMH schools that keep government and business leaders focused on the needs of children affected by SEMH issues. The importance of the service we provide is accepted and recognised by all concerned.

We continue to build awareness that learning should meet the needs of each individual child. It is accepted by all that this may differ from the National Curriculum but be just as meaningful

We implement and track relevant SEMH school ‘Key Performance Indicators’. The government mirrors our success within mainstream schools by implementing a more ‘caring’ culture which improves the overall results and standards in society.

We are consultative communicators with a proactive mentality, commercially focussed, developing innovative income streams.

Mission Statement

The Association exists to provide peer support, training and the sharing of good practice between SEMH school leaders in order to continually improve the education and welfare of pupils. engage in their future informs and influences the national debate on SEMH issues on behalf of its members.