DfE Report on Pupil Behaviour

Some of you will be aware that the Department for Education recently published a report around the issue of pupil behaviour. The independent review from Tom Bennett, who delivered a keynote talk at the engage in their future National Conference in 2016, provides practical guidance to teachers on how to tackle bad behaviour in the classroom.

engage in their future member school, New Rush Hall School in Redbridge is identified in the report as an exemplar of good practice. On page 56 of the report, New Rush Hall School is used as a case study example of the benefits on continuous professional development for staff in order to meet the needs of the student body.

The report is available to view and download by clicking here.

Richard Boyle, Vice Chair of the engage in their future National Committee, and Regional Representative for the South East, has reviewed Tom Bennett‘s report – Creating A Culture: How school leaders can optimise behaviour.

To read Richard’s review, please click here – Tom Bennett article review.