National Creative Awards

The National Creative Awards is a unique opportunity for the students and staff from the network of engage in their future member schools to express their creativity by writing a poem or short story or by taking a photo around a particular theme.

The theme changes each year in order to provide new inspiration and scope for participants. They are invited to interpret what it means to them and express it through photography, poetry or short story writing. Previous themes include ‘Dreaming’, ‘The Future’ and ‘I Am Me’.

There are five categories available – KS1&2 / KS3 / KS4 / Post-16 / Staff – and participants can submit one entry in each of the three creative groups (i.e. one photo, one short story and one poem).

Prizes are awarded to the short-listed entries in each category, including having their entry framed and displayed at the National Awards Ceremony and National Conference and then passed to them to keep.

Details about the 2018 engage in their futureĀ National Creative Awards, including how to enter, will be available soon.