National Awards

The engage in their future National Awards is a unique scheme that recognises and celebrates the amazing achievements and progress of students from across the network of engage in their future member schools.

The premise of the scheme is very simple: staff from member schools are invited to nominate those students that have done something fantastic – whether it’s a unique personal achievement, embodied the spirit of good citizenship, or demonstrated a steady commitment towards personal development and progress.

With nine categories available for individual, team and school awards, each and every achievement can be recognised. Not only that, the National Awards acknowledges that the circumstances of each child and the context of their achievements are unique so each nomination is judged on its own merits.

  • Outstanding Personal Progress (individual award)
  • Outstanding Achievement (individual award)
  • Outstanding Personal Resilience (individual award)
  • Good Citizen Award (individual or team award)
  • Innovation and Creativity (individual, team or school award)
  • Team of the Year (team award)
  • International Award (individual, team or school award)
  • Sports Student/s of the Year (individual, team or school award)
  • Success Story (individual award)

Every student nominated for a National Award will be sent a certificate, and those that are short-listed will be invited to attend the National Awards Ceremony in July where they will be presented with their certificate and trophy and have their achievements applauded by friends, family, staff and peers*.

Whatever the scale or impact of the achievements of students, the National Awards is a chance to celebrate their progress on a national platform. Just being nominated for such a prestigious award can have a hugely positive impact on them, their families and the school community around them.

Details about the 2019 engage in their future National Awards, including how to submit a nomination, will be available soon.


* We understand that not every short-listed nominee will be able to make it to the Ceremony so if you would like to submit a nomination but anticipate attendance being an issue, please don’t let this prevent you: the outcome of nominations is not dependent on being able to attend the Ceremony. The short-listed nominee will still receive their certificate and trophy for presentation at school instead .